About Us

3 Veg Farm - Bathurst, NSW

As manager of the Bathurst Wholefood Co Op for 9 years I understand that there is a demand for local healthy produce. Bathurst is traditionally a growing district, much of our produce - corn, cauliflower, broccoli and cabbages - is grown on our lush river flats, sprayed with loads of chemicals and then shipped to Sydney markets. But where are the small organic vegetable gardens catering for the local market? And so began 3 Veg Farm.

3 Veg Farm fits me like a glove: I've always loved growing vegetables at home (my mother is a horticulturist: gardening is in the blood). I have a passion for working with my community and environmental concerns are always at the heart of everything I do.

3 Veg Farm is chemical free. I concentrate on the soil, using no dig methods, compost and manure, as well as living aerobic compost teas and worm extracts to further enhance the microbiological activity. I use permaculture principles on the farm, eg. working with a wide variety of plants (ie. not monocultures); water saving methods; flowers to attract insects; continuous propagating and planting of native species to create a balanced ecosystem which encourages birds, insects and other animals to support the market garden.

If you want to consume produce that has been carefully tended by hand; its production has improved the environment from which it came rather than stripping it bare; if fresh is important to you; if local is important to you; if packed with nutrients and vitamins is important to you - then you will enjoy vegetables direct from 3 Veg Farm.

Cathie Hale